Case Studies

We help our clients achieve growth and expansion. Our clients see an increase in their cash flow and their revenue, specifically because of our services. Herein you’ll find case studies that cite specific benefits that we’ve provided to our clients:

Fairfield Podiatry:

Business plan development

Creation of logo

Creation of slogan

Creation of letterhead

Creation of business cards

Creation of website

Webhosting and creation of emails

Creation of web presence

Procurement of telecommunications

Development and maintenance of social media accounts

Creation and procurement of print marketing materials

Creation of kiosk materials

Multimedia and voiceovers

Development of Powerpoint presentations

Solicitation of business

Event marketing for business development

Implementation of post-marketing followup campaigns

Implementation of CRM system

Creation of backup and disaster recovery procedures

Bruno Investigations:

Consulting for office computer and printer selection

In-field support for linking surveillance systems to employee iPhones

Technology investigation services and consulting

Creation of reports, to be used toward criminal investigations

Implementation of corporate rebranding

Redesign of logo

Redesign of business cards

Redesign of website

Creation of YouTube presence, and development of videos and voiceovers

Education on various types of Internet marketing strategies

Business Furniture of Long Island:

Performance of hardwire networking services

Implemention of WiFi systems

Interaction with ISP for telephone and Internet connectivity

Teaching the use of infrastructure technologies to office employees

Creation of technology and administration policies

Performance of market analysis, for growth and expansion

Creation of office-based outbound telephone database marketing campaign

Creation and implementation of marketing awareness campaign

Creation and implementation of client remarketing campaign

Creation and implementation of client referral prospecting program

Introduction of new business development technologies

Recruitment services for sales prospecting representatives

Sales training services

Management services for marketing services

Data mining and cross-marketing services

Reporting services

Implementation of CRM system

Triton Builders: and and

Research and procurement of multiple URL’s, to prevent competitors from acquiring them

Establishment of FTP site for transfer of large blueprint files

Creation of office-based outbound telephone database marketing campaign for obtaining retail bids

Recruitment services for inbound prospecting representatives for retail construction

Sales training services for retail bid preparation

Management services for marketing to retailers

Coordination of in-field and onsite appointments for retail bidding

Management of bid services for retail bids

Management of awarded bids for retail construction

Project management services for retail construction

Task order completion and reporting services for retail prospecting and construction projects

Collections of client payments from retail clients

Procurement and installation of GPS tracking systems for company vehicles

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