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Our services include: Backups | Computer and smartphone consulting | Data storage | Disaster recovery | Expansion strategies | Programming | Search engine optimization | Social media marketing | Websites | and more… Click here to learn about our affordable $99 solutions!

We’ll expand your business, and help you reach more clients. Work with us, instead of typical advertising agencies. Typical advertising agencies specialize only in traditional marketing techniques:

Television commercials

Radio advertising


We have grown to successfully employ modern grassroots and guerilla marketing techniques to help our clients grow and expand:

Database marketing

Event marketing

Focus groups


Internet and social media

Psychographic targeting techniques

and other forms of active marketing strategies

When in the course of business development for our clients, we employ LARR tactics to ensure success in our endeavors:

Leads: prospect for new business

Accounts: address and follow up on newly-generated business, both during and post-sale

Relationships: strengthen bonds with existing customers

Referrals: obtain business from existing relationships

Our Situational Analysis and Final Solution for each client incorporates our “A to A” strategy, so as to ensure that our efforts yield desired results:

Awareness: so that the target audients knows that our client exists

Knowledge: so that the target audience understands what our client does for a living

Expectations: so that the target audience knows exactly what they’ll receive from our client

Involvement: so that the target audience and our client establish a relationship, prior to commitment

Preference: so that the target audience chooses our client, over their competitors

Insistence: so that the target audience forms an unbreakable association between our client and the products/services that the target audience  seeks

Advocacy: so that the target audience encourages others to engage in business relationships with our client

We also provide Intra-office services, Savings strategies, Sourcing solutions, and more. Together we can soar to new heights. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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  1. Field Supervisor says:

    Client requirements may demand that we perform field work, as part of our deliverables. At American Resources & Strategies, we are fully committed to the growth and expansion of our clients, and are both willing and able to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients’ prosperity. Should you have the need to require us to act on your behalf, both inside and outside of the office, kindly contact us to discuss your needs.

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